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World of nodes: Cram’s Air Age

World of nodes: Cram’s Air Age

Cram's air age map

This 1943 map uses Walter G. Gingery’s patented unfold-a-globe-into-six-gores projection, radiating from the true center of the world: Chicago. Just as Mercator’s rhumb lines helped marine navigation, this projection works for air travel as great circle routes are represented by straight lines. The map includes a measuring tape pinned to the center to let the reader estimate their own air mileage.

"By the Gingery projection it is possible to show on a flat world map comparative equal area, equal distance and true shapes, both land and water, with a high degree of accuracy. (At no point in the map is the distortion greater than 6.9%.) Being a world map centered on the United States, it is possible to visualize the air direction and determine the Great Circle air distance from the United States to any place in the world."

You can use the Gingery projection in your D3 map thanks to Philippe Rivière: https://github.com/d3/d3-geo-projection
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