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Tobias Jung’s projection collection

Tobias Jung’s projection collection

Jung's map projection collection

Jung ran Tom Patterson’s lovely Equal Earth relief through NASA’s G.Projector two hundred times, put the results on a site, then created pages where can you overlay two projections to compare distortions. He also uses d3js for an interactive roll-your-own projections tool that lets you fidget with the parameters and export an SVG, plus a comprehensive links section if you want to get into the math.

"If you really want to learn something about map projections, you have to know the mathematics. You can enjoy piano music, you can learn to distinguish the different musical genres or even different styles of playing the piano, without ever touching the ivories yourself. And that’s what this website is all about: Getting to know the different kinds of map projections. Learning to distinguish the differences. But also, to enjoy map projections."

See more: https://map-projections.net/singleview.php

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