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CA Water Atlas

Stewart Brand’s 1979 California Water Atlas

CA Water Atlas

Have you taken a scroll through the California Water Atlas? Stewart Brand, guy behind the Whole Earth Catalog and the Long Now, received a mandate from California governor Jerry Brown to map out the state‘s water infrastructure. Brand roped in dozens of engineers, officials and designers for a magisterial view of the state’s water from snowpack to faucet.

Cartographers David L. Fuller, Donald A. Ryan, Judith Christner and Mark Goldman produced dozens of beautiful maps over 15 months, their techniques ranging from "inspired" to "howling madness."

Read the whole thing: https://archive.org/details/The_California_Water_Atlas/5788000/page/n12/mode/2up?view=theater

”Cartography is a most exacting art form. If you are preparing a narrative and have 95 percent of the information on the topic being treated, you can safely write a conclusion; but if you are preparing a map of California and have data for every community but one, you might as well have nothing at all.” –Stewart Brand

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