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Outdoor commerce log 5/14/2022

  • "I used MapInfo to make demographic maps to help sell magazine ads. I knew guys making 500k/year selling magazine ads!"
  • "USGS topos...I'm more familiar with MGRS so I make my own on caltopo for bike trips."
  • "I run mills, water jet cutters, fiber lasers to make elaborate broadway sets." "You ever CNC out a [DEM]?" "No, I tried getting elevation data from USGS but then I'd have to learn to use arcmap and I don't have that kinda time." [My new best friend! –Ed.]
  • "The [local paper] is run by a foundation; it doesn't make enough money to sustain itself." [ ;( –Ed.]
  • "My husband would love these." [Four hours later he appears] "I'll take two glowing maps, two blankets." [Fat tails.... –Ed.]
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