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John Bartholomew’s novel projections

John Bartholomew’s novel projections

John Bartholomew's lotus projections

John Bartholomew, Cartographer by Royal Appointment of the late King George V, created two trefoil projections for the 1958 Times Atlas of the World. To show terrestrial matters, his "Regional" projection maximized contiguous land; to illustrate ocean currents and depths, his "Lotus" projection centered the Pacific ocean and knocked the land down to grey interruptions.

Never used before (or since?), his techniques were logged in the the 1989 USGS compendium "An Album of Map Projections":
"In his 1958 “Regional” projections, the equidistant conic projection is used in the north temperate zone, and the Bonne is used south of the Tropic of Cancer in interrupted form. The more northern regions are based on the Bonne (“Kite”) and conic (“Regional”) projections. These two projections emphasize land masses, and Bartholomew's 1958 “Lotus” projection emphasizes the oceans by using a southern version of the “Regional” projection."

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