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Earl C. Bateman III’s Ocean Floor, 1985

Earl C. Bateman III’s Ocean Floor, 1985

A beautiful hand-painted tour of plate tectonics with a sui generis projection: take two world maps, one centered at 0° longitude and another centered at 180°, plus a globe sawn in half vertically (as if you were gonna hang the flat part on a wall in front of you). Paste the 0°-centered map onto the top half of your ah, hemisphere, and the 180°-centered map on the bottom half, so the north and south poles meet at the "equator." This gets you Bateman’s map with the Atlantic and Indian Oceans highlighted on the top half, the Pacific on the bottom, land and continental shelf in blue, seafloor in "the colors of the sand, silicates and reddish mud that cover the basalt basement rock."

The map came with a 30-page supplement on deep geology, continental drift and magnetic anomalies, plus a prompt to turn out the lights and see the glow-in-the-dark layer: "In normal light, it shows the terrain submerged beneath the seas. In the dark, a tectonic map glows to reveal the dynamics that shape the earth's thin crust."

Full map: https://www.davidrumsey.com/luna/servlet/workspace/handleMediaPlayer?qvq=&trs=&mi=&lunaMediaId=RUMSEY~8~1~319890~90088983

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